What is Bokeh & How to Obtain Maximum Bokeh for Food Photography

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What is Bokeh

Bokeh is one of the most popular parts of photography. The reason for its high popularity is because it makes photographs appealing like visually, which forces us to focus our attention on a focal area of an image. This word ‘Bokeh’ comes from the Japanese language which commonly means ‘blur.’

Moreover, bokeh is the quality of out of focus or the blurry part of the image which can be quickly rendered by a camera lens- it is not the blur itself or the amount of blur area in the background of a subject. The blur part that you are so used to see in a photograph which separates a question from experience is mainly the result of a ‘depth of a field’ and is commonly called as ‘background blur.’

The quality and feel of the foreground/background blur and reflected points of light, however, is what photographers call Bokeh.

Now here are some of the tips for having a maximum bokeh from your camera setup.

1) Use a large aperture

The first thing that should be to keep in mind is that a camera does not create bokeh- it is the lens and optics which are responsible for rendering out of focus areas. Moreover, the first thing that you should do is to set the aperture of the lens to its lesser value which is also known as ‘maximum aperture.’ You can do this easily by simply changing the mode of a camera to Aperture priority and set the number ‘f’ to the lowest value. Nikon D3400 is easy to use with a large aperture and best digital slr camera for beginners.

2) You have to minimize the distance between the subject and yourself.

The closer you stand to your subject, the more blur the background will get. This many of the times happen because when an object is very close, then at that time lens will focus more intimate and the depth of field will be the smallest at that time. It also works the same with our eyes as well. Lenses work exactly like in the same way, which is why subject distance plays a significant role in rendering the bokeh.

3) Endeavor to expand the separation between the background and your subject.


The bokeh will suffer if the subject which you are photographing is very close to a busy and noisy background. Always remember, that the depth of the field is not just a line after which everything is supposed to entirely out of focus- it transforms from sharp to out of focus. Moreover, to get the pleasant looking bokeh, you should try to put your subject far away from the background objects.

4) Use longer focal lengths


The distance between the camera and the subject should always remain the same which increases the focal length of the lens and decreases the depth of the field. So, if you are using a zoom lens, then you should zoom into the maximum focal length, and your lens will allow separating the subject from the background even more.

5) Use a long lens

As we already know, that increases the focal length means decreasing the depth of the field so the longer your lens will be the better is the bokeh effect you will get. Sometimes, rendering of out of focus areas also depends on the topics of the lens.

6) Use a fast lens

At last, use the lens which is fast as aperture impacts the depth of the field.

Questionable Myths About Ice Cream : Is Ice Cream Bad For You

Is Ice Cream Bad For You

is ice cream bad for you

When the summer arrives or the day is hot, and every day we will have more desire to take delicious ice cream, and that the case does not suit us except the good road and suddenly stands in good ice cream to taste the delicious food is an ice cream.

But as you begin to stop walking, and head for the ice cream shop, there’s thought in your head: How many will be this ten minutes fat from sweet pleasures ?, This thinking can prevent us from enjoying a whole spectacular formulation. Ice cream and the concept is full of myths, such as previous questions and others such as: Am I cutting out the cold, digestive ice cream?

Eating Ice Cream Makes You Fat?

Ice cream is a food rich in fat and sugar, so if consumed in excess, yes we can be fat, but ice cream can not be fat like other desserts such as a smoothie or other foods.

The key is eating ice cream in a moderate way, so there is no need to have implications on their body shape. As we have pointed out in other articles, ice cream is the most nutritious, healthy and nutritious food, if created using 100 % natural ingredients, we ought to not doubt the dietary qualities of frozen treats.

However, you should know that if you’re in the center of an eating plan to shed weight because the best option is to choose ice cream, which does not include fat in its composition.

Is Ice Cream Contain Colesterol?

The presence of cholesterol in the milkshake base is not too high, such as milk, a high portion of cholesterol in a simple milkshake. On the other hand, skim dairy-based ice cream or water does not contain cholesterol, and therefore, we have no reason not to take delicious ice cream from time to time.

Ice Cream Just A Frozen Treat, No Nutrition in it?

Ice cream has many nutritional benefits. And the nutritional value of the craftsmen ice cream is very high (except water-based ice cream), and is a great way to swallow vitamin B2, calcium, and protein especially recommended for children and the elderly.

Ice cream is a treat that should not be considered like a diet that’s undernourished and in fat, and frozen treats is really a balanced product and provide some essential calcium. Even though this depends upon the kind of frozen treats, it truly varies, as the nutrients imply that the typical is 100 gr. One ice cream contains about 250 kcal; this amount is the same as under 15% of calories you’ll need every single day.

Eating Ice Cream Can Make Your Throat Sore?

This idea runs from mouth to ear, not for a short time, but forever. The fact is that on the contrary, the cold cream helps to relieve the possibility of inflammation in the mouth or throat because you know the tonsils are operated, after surgery, you are advised to start suckling with a small amount of ice cream.

Ice Cream Can Slow Digestion?

That’s right, but only if you take a lot and quickly ice. To avoid it, you just need to take the ice cream slowly, so it warms the frozen before reaching the stomach.

Ice Cream = Brain-Freeze = Headache?

Eating ice cream can sometimes cause headaches, but this only happens to certain people, who are very sensitive to colds, they are encouraged to have a ganglion behind the palate, and this might just cause a similar reaction to migraines. But, yes, very limited because it lasts a few minutes and no further effect.

Eating Ice Cream Makes You Full?

It all depends on the ice cream and dairy products that can be removed, but the water does not produce anything but add hunger. This is just because the cold stimulates the appetite, and on the other hand, sugar causes insulin segregation, causing us to feel hungry than before eating ice cream (water-based).

Can Diabetic Eat Ice Cream?

It depends on each patient, depending on carbohydrate consumption to be done. Many diabetics make moderate carbohydrate intake, and in this case, ice contributes better if done through simple carbohydrates.

Of course, basically, when you want to take a good ice cream, ice cream rule is that it should be simple. In general, the simplest version of food is foods that contain fewer additives. For example, if you like to buy ice cream, vanilla ice cream will have fewer additives that also vanilla (for example) contain other ingredients or food colors.

Undoubtedly, the best option is to make your own ice cream with healthy ingredients, and with the smallest help from home. If we remember in our own home when we were little, making ice cream at home is a summer opening. We can restore this tradition, and surely we realize that we make ice cream at home know better. It’s true it takes time and planning. It would not be something done every day, but worth it.

Making Frozen Treats better tasting, More Durable, and Much More Nutritious Takes Lots of Time

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How to make homemade ice cream

Summer time is a very good time. As the weather gets warm, people travel outdoors. Daytime is a long and hot condition-perfect for canoeing, cycling, and picnicking around the lake. Moreover, sweaty eyebrows are a great reason to gather your friends and find frozen cones from frozen foods.

It’s cold. It’s sweet. It’s soft. A full, crazy, or chocolate-flavored fruit flake can be very refreshing so the steamy heat in the middle of the day starts weighing you lower. As far as I know, treating frozen is the most beautiful summer treat.

Not every frozen treatment, however, is the ideal frozen food. Important textures around taste. Nothing is worse than an ice spoon, a treadmill that tastes rough, sweet, or artificial.

So, what’s the secret of a decadent pad that tastes good and looks like a smooth cloud melts in your mouth? High-quality materials, just one, very important, plus fine-tuned techniques that combine ingredients in perfect proportions that have perfect air quantity.

To meet people’s interest in sweet things, the information factories are constantly looking for methods to make smarter frozen food that last longer, cheaper, and more nutritious than today’s varieties.

Topnotch ingredients

In addition to cream, frozen foods contain only a few essential ingredients: especially sugar, milk solids, ice crystals, water, and flavorings. Sugar helps make sweet desserts; It serves other important purposes. In the freezer, plain cream becomes solid as strong as a rock. Sugar lowers the mixed frozen temperature, which makes it more supple.

The best quality ice cream has the fewest ingredients. From vanilla to fresh banana flavors, each component is topnotch.

The best frozen treat varieties also generally have less water in them, causing them to become denser. A cheap brand may be half the contents only wind. Gourmet brands tend to be more like 15-20 percent water. Quite simply, the bigger the frozen food, the more of it you actually enter every bite.

The air is pumped into the frozen food near the end of the manufacturing process, following the basic ingredients that are mixed and cooled lower, before patches, pieces, and other tastes.

Because the herb was frozen in a large container, a large knife became a cream bandage and eroded the ice crystals from the sides of the container. For top brands with lots of butterfat, this operation is enough to avoid stiffness. Some companies are stirring their frozen treats gradually and also for a long time. This method helps the fat globulin stick to and creates a soft and slightly oily texture.

An economy brand that skimp on wealth and therefore fluctuates faster, however, needs to add additional ingredients. Emulsifiers, for example, remain fat because of the final product. And the stabilizer controls the development of ice crystals.

Some companies avoid the use of stabilizers. The time in the freezer is too long, a box of frozen bread types is flooded with cold beards on it. Frozen and refreshing frozen food has got the same problem.

How to make homemade ice cream Tasty and healthy

In the fight against ice crystals, a new study path centers on molecules known as antifreeze proteins. Coming to certain types of plants and fish living in very cold environments, these proteins prevent ice crystals from developing, which will keep the microorganisms from freezing to dying. Maybe they might do the same to frozen treats. The process is not yet practical.

Meanwhile, many companies are trying to make good and healthy frozen treats. In traditional form, frozen treats are packed with fat and calories. It is a fat that carries flavor and creates a smooth texture.

Everything fat, however, is a concern with regard to weight problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, accompanied by other severe related illnesses. Until now, nothing has managed to produce a low-fat form of frozen food that tastes like the real factor. That’s because normally frozen foods contain about 60 to 62 percent water and 10-20 percent butter fat (10% may be the minimum amount of butter fat that should contain items as completely frozen foods.)

Once you start getting fat, water levels can increase from 70 to 78 percent. Water that is larger than frozen desserts contains, the faster it turns into ice and mud, as well as less flavor.

While it is not advisable to have sundaes and milkshakes with each and every meal, an amazing cone is not the most important area at all. Whenever you indulge, be sure to enjoy every bite. Appreciating it will make knowledge far more special.

Easy Steps Make Perfect Raspberry Puree Ripple Frozen Treats

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It’s easier to make homemade frozen food than you believe. No fancy equipment, just bowls, thermometers and whiskers.

What’s good about making your frozen raspberry drink. You do not need fancy equipment to make it in your own home, just use bowls, thermometers and whiskers.

What exactly about frozen food, my question, that makes him want to master it? This is a magical food, I like to eat it because it’s fun: the real way it melts in your mouth, the real way does not cause you to be full. I always try to make something perfect like a ripe peach using only 100% natural ingredients. This is a challenge, but if you really understand it correctly, it can make people really happy.

How to Make Raspberry Puree Ripple Frozen Treats

For that frozen treats

  • dairy 400ml
  • double cream 200ml
  • vanilla pod 1
  • salt a finger pinch
  • egg yolks six large, free-range
  • unbleached granulated sugar 120g

For that raspberry syrup

  • raspberries 400g
  • sugar 150g

Start early

You need to start making your mix yesterday and leave it overnight. Your frozen treatment has a more potent and glossy texture and can hold its shape whenever you reach the spoon.

Pour milk and cream into a pan and add some vanilla-split mixture, with seeds, crawled – and also a pinch of salt. Put a little heat, stir from time to time. Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Once the milk begins to boil, lift it in a hot place, pour the milk into the egg mixture, leave only a few in the pan, and stir the whisk.

Arrange the pan around the stove and pour it into a mixture of eggs and milk. Gradually heat, stirring constantly shake hearts.

Take advantage of a digital thermometer to track temperature. At 65C, it will begin to thicken. When touching 85C, remove the heat. Place the pot in the sink with cold water with ice: it will be so cold that it is very fast. Once in 70 degrees, cover the pot with clingfilm, place the lid on top and sit in the refrigerator overnight, or no less than 8 hours.

Burst the fruit, keep your pips

Now produce raspberry syrup. Frozen Raspberries are often more juicier. Set this bowl question using sugar. For those who have a microwave, just bend the bowl just a few minutes, before the fruit is cooked very gently. If not, set the bowl over a boiling water pot, like a bain marie, and prepare before the raspberries explode and also the soluble sugars.

Once cooked, the blitz is experiencing a hand blender and continue the filter to get rid of the pips, get as many fruits as you can. (Keep pips make a gorgeous personal injury-protection juice by stirring it directly into the water jug and then out of the refrigerator before the pips settle.) Let the syrup cold and cold in the refrigerator overnight.

Pour, whisk, and swirl

The next day, place a large bowl (preferably metal) in the freezer. Pour the ice cream mixture through the strainer to remove vanilla. Then, quickly shuffle it for about thirty seconds, to recover it.

Next pour into the ice cream machine, make sure the device rotates before you decide to pour it. Churn for half an hour or before the mixture looks dry (the device may start making crunching noises because the mixture becomes too thick to churn).

Without having an ice cream machine, limit the mixture in a large bowl. Every 1 hour 30 minutes, remove and shake with intense. Do it three times, until smooth.

Now serve the frozen bread stirred to the frozen bowl. Pour the embarrassing and folding syrup, creating your own personal whirl. Scrape everything into an airtight container and freeze: it will be fixed for every month. Or better yet, immediately eat between the sandwich wafers.

Homemade Icecream Recipes at Your Kitchen

Almost everyone loves ice cream but does everyone know how to make a perfect and healthy ice cream with a good taste at home? I personally love to read any article that deals with the best way to make a nice ice cream. Whether it’s vanilla or whatever taste you want your ice cream to have there are several ways to achieve it. By the end of this article you’ll also come to realize that you actually don’t need an ice cream maker to make an ice cream at home. It’s not a necessity when you need to make a nice ice cream anyway.

The best way to make your day or night different from others is by making your own ice cream with your most preferred flavor and perfecting your recipe to make it one of the best that has ever existed in the world of ice creams. Invent the best recipe and you’ll be good to go and ready to scale greater heights in ice cream making.

Let’s take for instance how you can make a nice vanilla ice cream. For a beginner the process behind making a tasty vanilla ice cream may look challenging but with time you find yourself improving and perfecting the process. You also need to know that some of the best things in life were actually invented by mistake. Why not try yours today and see how it turns out?

When it comes to ice cream making, you are not limited on the number of ingredients to use. All that matters is your level of curiosity and creativity. If you are ready to make something new then your procedure should be creative. Use as many ingredients as you want as long as the end results give you a wonderful ice cream.

A good ice cream begins with a good base. After that you can add any flavor whether natural or artificial. Just like a journey of a thousand miles which begins with a single step, a nice homemade ice cream begins with a nice base.

Sugar is an important ingredient in your ice cream but what matters here is how sweet you want your ice cream. Sugar also helps your ice cream maintain its texture.

You can use a blender, ice cream maker or some simple ways to make a sweet homemade ice cream that will make you do it frequently when you ran out of it. And here are the tips.

Tip 1: Use a freezer bag, ice and some salt to make homemade icecream recipes

This process is a simple and easy way to make your own soft ice cream. Be careful though because you may end up being disappointed if you fail to follow the right procedure. Fill one freezer bag with a nice ice cream base and place it on another freezer bag (bigger one) which contains ice and salt. Don’t forget to shake the bags to soften every aspect of your ice cream. By doing so you shall have made a nice ice cream without using an ice cream maker.

Tip 2: Using a blender

The first thing here is to ensure that you have a nice base mixture frozen. You can then use a blender to mix and process your ice cream into a smooth and tasty treat. To get a tasteful ice cream you have to find a blender that has good power to crush the frozen ingredients. I usually use a Vitamix blender to make me easy to crush the frozen fruits like berry but some of people like to use Ninja Kitchen. You don’t need to worry about which one, because you need to realize here beside the blender, your ice cream’s base ingredients are the keys. However I recommend you to check BlenderVersus.com to find the best blenders available in the market and you could check discussion about Vitamix vs Ninja on that website for more references.

Tip 3: Condensed milk and cream + freezer

Use a blender to mix your cream into a nice condensed milk treat then put it in a freezer to form. What follows after freezing is a sweetened homemade cold treat.

Tip 4: Hand mixer and Ice

If you want to keep everything about your ice cream cold this would be the best method to use when you want to make an ice cream at home. Just place an ice cream base bowl in a bowl containing rock salt and some ice cubes. Use a hand mixer to blend your ice cream and give it the best texture.


You may need to use a tool like mixer or blender when making an ice cream at home but this would only depend on how you want your texture to be. All in all making an ice cream at home is not a complicated process as some people may think. All you need is the willingness to make your own homemade ice cream.

The Most Used Ingredients To Make Delicious Ice Cream

ingredient in ice cream

The Most Used Ingredient In Ice Cream Make Delicious

If you thought making your own delicious ice cream is a challenge wait until you find out how easy the whole process can be. The most important thing when you want to make your own ice cream whether at home or any place you deem suitable is the ice cream base. Whatever follows is your willingness to play with different flavors to help you make your dream ice cream.

The quality of the ice cream you make also depends on the items used. While some items are basic and must be used in ice cream making, there are some cases where you can go an extra mile to introduce more unique flavors to make the whole thing work out.

Ice cream contains 10% milk fat and up-to 20% milk solids which therefore makes milk one of the main elements used in ice cream. The following is a list of some of the main parts used in making ice cream.

  • Sugar or sweeteners
  • Milk fat or vegetable fat
  • Color or flavor
  • Stabilizers to improve the texture
  • Emulsifiers such as eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Fruits (Stawberry, Blueberry)
  • Cereals
  • Nuts
  • Wafers

First Ingredient In Ice Cream is Milk

There are very many things that you can use in ice cream. The element listed here are the one commonly used in some of the tasty ice creams you might have tasted. Milk fats and milk solids are important components when making ice cream. The main function of milk fats is the provision of richness and creaminess to the ice cream. It also determines how the ice cream melts. The recommended amount of milk fat in a premium ice cream is 10%.

The other ice cream component is milk solids to help your ice cream contain lactose and essential proteins. Milk solids also give your ice cream a nice texture and it also helps in stabilizing it. Dry milk condensed milk, whey or evaporated milk can be used in making your ice cream.


The main function of sweeteners in making ice creams is to give it its characteristic sweet taste. They also help in lowering the freezing point of your mixture to make sure scooping of the ice cream is easy. Do not add too much sugar as a sweetener into your mixture because it can make your ice cream too soft which can affect its texture. You can choose between corn syrup and sugar as your sweetener. Sugars or sweeteners determine the amount of ice formed when freezing.


The main function of stabilizers when making ice cream is to improve crystallization. They are carbohydrates and without them your ice cream can end up being unpleasant. Guar, gums gelatins and alginates are the most common stabilizers used in ice cream.


To keep milk products and solids dispersed all over your ice cream you’ll need to use a nice emulsifier. This is one way to stabilize your ice cream and make it remain easy to scoop under normal temperatures. There are a variety of emulsifiers you can always use to stabilize your ice cream. These include diglycerides and egg yolks.


When flavoring your ice cream you can either choose from natural flavors or artificial flavors. Chocolate products, candies, nuts and fruits can also be used to give your ice cream a delicious and yummy structure.

Vegetable fats can also be used in making ice cream. If you are this kind of a person who is obsessed with vegetables this could be a nice option instead of using milk fats.
You can add fruit chunks to your ice cream depending on your most preferred types of fruits. The commonly used fruits in making ice cream include strawberries, raspberries and peaches. There are very many fruits that can be used in making ice cream. Fruits are full of essential vitamins and nutrients and when you use fruits in making your ice cream you supply your body with such vitamins.

Half Baked Ice Cream – The Most Common Ice Cream in the World

Are you ever heard half baked ice cream ?

Any dessert out there that lacks an ice-cream topping definitely misses a lot. A good dessert must come with an ice cream on top or on the side if you like it that way. There are many ice creams out there but there is only one ‘half baked’. For the past three good years this has been the most common ice cream among many people. It’s one of the best ice flavors by Ben & Jerry’s and it’s not a surprise when we say that it has ruled the ice cream world since 2013.

It’s normal to get in a dilemma when deciding on the best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor to settle on because most of their products are always on point. We initially thought that the best ice creams were the ones that were available back then not until half baked came and over took them all. This is one of the most common ice creams in the whole world. It’s a brand preferred by many celebrities around the world not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional value to the body.

All ice cream lovers around the world can definitely tell you how tasty half baked is. Ben & Jerry’s never disappoint when it gets to ice cream matters and this is something every ice cream lover knows pretty well. Half baked was a new introduction into the world of ice cream as a result of a working partnership between B Corps Greyston, Ben & Jerry’s and Rhino Bakeries.
This ice cream boasts of a wonderful flavor that you’ll never find in other types of ice cream.

No wonder everyone talks about it. It came, saw and conquered the ice cream world in style something which other ice creams failed to do.

This ice cream is likely to be the fan’s best for many years to come considering the fact that it has one of the best and tastiest flavors ever found in an ice cream. Calling all ice cream lovers to take note because it’s here to stay and no other ice cream seems to be close to in-terms of competition.

Baked half comes full of some of the best flavors a tasty ice cream should have. Have you heard of the incredible story of half baked including the way it tastes? Well, if not, let’s start off with the different types of flavors first before we go ahead to tell you more about this so tasty ice cream.

Half baked is a vanilla and chocolate type of ice cream, yes I said chocolate because they are the top flavors preferred by many chocolate lovers. And the best part about this ice cream is the fact that it comes with what we commonly call fudge brownies. As if not enough, it is made of nice gobs full of chocolate to make you go for another one. This is why one is never enough the moment you grab the first one.

There you have it folks it’s the secret behind the wonderful taste of half baked and probably that’s the reason why this ice cream has led the pack for the last three good years. Again it’s here to stay.

Half baked ice cream

Calling all curious ice cream lovers who would like to prepare this type of ice cream to use the following formulation.

Skim milk, Liquid sugar, Cream, sugar, water, wheat flour, alkali processed cocoa, brown sugar, butter mixed with salt and cream, egg yolk, oil made from soybean, cocoa powder, chocolate flavored liquor, extracts from vanilla, cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, carrageenan, flour which has been malted with barley , natural flavors.

Nutritional Facts about Each Serving of Ice Cream

Calories 270 Calories from fat 130 Daily Value in per
Total fat amount 14g 22%
Saturated fat 8g 40%
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol fat 60g 20%
Sodium 65g 3%
Total carbohydrate 33g 11%
Dietary 1g 4%
Sugars 27g
Protein 4g

The best temperatures when it comes to storage should be -18oC.
So by now you probably know what you should go for whenever you feel like having a nice ice cream.