Easy Steps to make Perfect Raspberry Ripple Frozen Treats

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It’s simpler to create homemade frozen treats than you believe, states La Grotta Ices’ Cat Travers. No fancy equipment, only a bowl, a thermometer along with a whisk.

When Cat Travers sells her homemade frozen treats at Health spa Terminus, a hub of food producers in south London which opens towards the public on Saturdays, she loves to imagine she’s making more than something scrumptious. “Frozen treats include a great nostalgia step to it,” she states. “For me personally, it’s associated with recollections of going abroad after I was more youthful, to France and Italia, but everyone has their very own. That’s my ambition: it might be lovely to produce recollections for another person.”

Travers began La Grotta Ices in ’09, after 4 years like a pastry chef at St John Bread and Wine, and it has been pushing the limitations of ice-cream making since, whipping up treats from cucumbers and pea pods to candied kumquats. For OFM, though, she’s perfected a vintage flavour.

What’s good about creating your personal raspberry ripple frozen treats, she states, is the fact that “you are in charge of just how much raspberry you set. I personally use one-third raspberry puree and 2-thirds frozen treats. It is tasty.”

You do not need fancy equipment to really make it in your own home, only a bowl, a thermometer along with a whisk, although, she states: “Ice-cream makers are affordable now – £20 can get you a high-quality one. It is also worth buying a good stainless pan having a thick bottom along with a heart-formed springform whisk, which will get in to the corners from the pan to avoid the milk and eggs from overcooking.”

What exactly is it about frozen treats, I question, which makes her wish to master it? “It is a magic food,” she states. “We like eating it since it is fun: the actual way it melts inside your mouth, the actual way it does not cause you to full. I am always attempting to make something that’s as perfect like a ripe peach only using 100 % natural ingredients. It is a challenge, however, if you simply understand it properly it can make people really happy.”La Grotta raspberry ripple


For that frozen treats

  • dairy 400ml
  • double cream 200ml
  • vanilla pod 1
  • salt a finger pinch
  • egg yolks six large, free-range
  • unbleached granulated sugar 120g

For that raspberry syrup

  • raspberries 400g
  • sugar 150g

Start early

You need to begin to make your mixture yesterday and allow rest overnight. Your frozen treats have a more potent, creamier texture and can hold its shape whenever you arrived at scoop it.

Pour the milk and cream right into a pan and add some vanilla pod – split, with seeds, crawled out – and also the pinch of salt. Put on a minimal heat, stirring from time to time. Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Once the milk begins to simmer, remove in the heat, pour the milk in to the egg mixture, departing just a little within the pan, and mix having a whisk.

Set the pan back around the stove and pour within the egg-and-milk mixture. Gradually heat up, stirring constantly having a heart-formed whisk. Make use of a digital thermometer to trace the temperature. At 65C, it will begin to thicken. When it hits 85C, remove its heat. Place the pan right into a sink filled with cold water with ice inside it: which will awesome it lower really rapidly. Once it’s at 70 degrees, cover the pan with clingfilm, place the lid on the top and sit it within the fridge overnight, or not less than 8 hrs.

Burst the fruit, keep your pips

Now result in the raspberry syrup. Frozen raspberries are frequently juicier – consider Scottish ones. Set these questions bowl using the sugar. For those who have a microwave, simply zap the bowl for just a few minutes, before the fruit is extremely gently cooked. Otherwise, set the bowl more than a pan of simmering water, just like a bain marie, and prepare before the raspberries burst and also the sugar dissolves.

Once it’s cooked, blitz was having a hands blender and proceed a sieve to get rid of the pips, getting just as much fruit through as you possibly can. (Save the pips making gorgeous personal injury protection juice by stirring them right into a jug water then departing within the fridge before the pips settle.) Allow the syrup awesome and chill within the fridge overnight.

Pour, whisk, and swirl

The following day, place a large bowl (preferably metal) within the freezer. Pour the ice-cream mixture via a sieve to get rid of the vanilla pod. Blitz, it rapidly having hands whisk for around thirty seconds, to re-emulsify it.

Then pour into an ice-cream machine, ensuring the device is churning before you decide to pour. Churn for half an hour or before the mixture looks dry (the device may start making a rattling noise because the mixture becomes too thick to churn).

Without having an ice-cream machine, freeze the mix in a big bowl. Every 1 hour 30 minutes, remove it and whisk intensely. Do that three occasions, until smooth.

Now spoon the churned frozen treats out in to the frozen bowl. Pour the syrup outrageous and fold, making your personal swirls. Scrape everything out into an airtight container and freeze: it’ll keep for any month. Or even better, eat it immediately between sandwich wafers.

How to Make Handmade Delicious Ice Cream at Your Kitchen

Almost everyone loves ice cream but does everyone know how to make a perfect and healthy ice cream with a good taste at home? I personally love to read any article that deals with the best way to make a nice ice cream. Whether it’s vanilla or whatever taste you want your ice cream to have there are several ways to achieve it. By the end of this article you’ll also come to realize that you actually don’t need an ice cream maker to make an ice cream at home. It’s not a necessity when you need to make a nice ice cream anyway.

The best way to make your day or night different from others is by making your own ice cream with your most preferred flavor and perfecting your recipe to make it one of the best that has ever existed in the world of ice creams. Invent the best recipe and you’ll be good to go and ready to scale greater heights in ice cream making.

Let’s take for instance how you can make a nice vanilla ice cream. For a beginner the process behind making a tasty vanilla ice cream may look challenging but with time you find yourself improving and perfecting the process. You also need to know that some of the best things in life were actually invented by mistake. Why not try yours today and see how it turns out?

When it comes to ice cream making, you are not limited on the number of ingredients to use. All that matters is your level of curiosity and creativity. If you are ready to make something new then your procedure should be creative. Use as many ingredients as you want as long as the end results give you a wonderful ice cream.

A good ice cream begins with a good base. After that you can add any flavor whether natural or artificial. Just like a journey of a thousand miles which begins with a single step, a nice homemade ice cream begins with a nice base.

Sugar is an important ingredient in your ice cream but what matters here is how sweet you want your ice cream. Sugar also helps your ice cream maintain its texture.

You can use a blender, ice cream maker or some simple ways to make a sweet homemade ice cream that will make you do it frequently when you ran out of it. And here are the tips.

Tip 1: Use a freezer bag, ice and some salt

This process is a simple and easy way to make your own soft ice cream. Be careful though because you may end up being disappointed if you fail to follow the right procedure. Fill one freezer bag with a nice ice cream base and place it on another freezer bag (bigger one) which contains ice and salt. Don’t forget to shake the bags to soften every aspect of your ice cream. By doing so you shall have made a nice ice cream without using an ice cream maker.

Tip 2: Using a blender

The first thing here is to ensure that you have a nice base mixture frozen. You can then use a blender to mix and process your ice cream into a smooth and tasty treat. To get a tasteful ice cream you have to find a blender that has good power to crush the frozen ingredients. I usually use a Vitamix blender to make me easy to crush the frozen fruits like berry but some of people like to use Ninja Kitchen. You don’t need to worry about which one, because you need to realize here beside the blender, your ice cream’s base ingredients are the keys. However I recommend you to check BlenderVersus.com to find the best blenders available in the market and you could check discussion about Vitamix vs Ninja on that website for more references.

Tip 3: Condensed milk and cream + freezer

Use a blender to mix your cream into a nice condensed milk treat then put it in a freezer to form. What follows after freezing is a sweetened homemade cold treat.

Tip 4: Hand mixer and Ice

If you want to keep everything about your ice cream cold this would be the best method to use when you want to make an ice cream at home. Just place an ice cream base bowl in a bowl containing rock salt and some ice cubes. Use a hand mixer to blend your ice cream and give it the best texture.


You may need to use a tool like mixer or blender when making an ice cream at home but this would only depend on how you want your texture to be. All in all making an ice cream at home is not a complicated process as some people may think. All you need is the willingness to make your own homemade ice cream.

The Most Used Ingredients to Make Delicious Ice Cream

Ice cream ingredients
Ice cream ingredients

If you thought making your own delicious ice cream is a challenge wait until you find out how easy the whole process can be. The most important thing when you want to make your own ice cream whether at home or any place you deem suitable is the ice cream base. Whatever follows is your willingness to play with different flavors and ingredients to help you make your dream ice cream.

The quality of the ice cream you make also depends on the ingredients used. While some ingredients are basic and must be used in ice cream making, there are some cases where you can go an extra mile to introduce more unique flavors and ingredients to make the whole thing work out.

Ice cream contains 10% milk fat and up-to 20% milk solids which therefore makes milk one of the main ingredients used in ice cream. The following is a list of some of the main ingredients used in making ice cream.

  • Sugar or sweeteners
  • Milk fat or vegetable fat
  • Color or flavor
  • Stabilizers to improve the texture
  • Emulsifiers such as eggs
  • Chocolate
  • Fruits (Stawberry, Blueberry)
  • Cereals
  • Nuts
  • Wafers

There are very many ingredients that you can use in ice cream. The ingredients listed here are the one commonly used in some of the tasty ice creams you might have tasted. Milk fats and milk solids are important components when making ice cream. The main function of milk fats is the provision of richness and creaminess to the ice cream. It also determines how the ice cream melts. The recommended amount of milk fat in a premium ice cream is 10%.

The other ice cream component is milk solids to help your ice cream contain lactose and essential proteins. Milk solids also give your ice cream a nice texture and it also helps in stabilizing it. Dry milk condensed milk, whey or evaporated milk can be used in making your ice cream.

The main function of sweeteners in making ice creams is to give it its characteristic sweet taste. They also help in lowering the freezing point of your mixture to make sure scooping of the ice cream is easy. Do not add too much sugar as a sweetener into your mixture because it can make your ice cream too soft which can affect its texture. You can choose between corn syrup and sugar as your sweetener. Sugars or sweeteners determine the amount of ice formed when freezing.

The main function of stabilizers when making ice cream is to improve crystallization. They are carbohydrates and without them your ice cream can end up being unpleasant. Guar, gums gelatins and alginates are the most common stabilizers used in ice cream.

To keep milk products and solids dispersed all over your ice cream you’ll need to use a nice emulsifier. This is one way to stabilize your ice cream and make it remain easy to scoop under normal temperatures. There are a variety of emulsifiers you can always use to stabilize your ice cream. These include diglycerides and egg yolks.

When flavoring your ice cream you can either choose from natural flavors or artificial flavors. Chocolate products, candies, nuts and fruits can also be used to give your ice cream a delicious and yummy structure.

Vegetable fats can also be used in making ice cream. If you are this kind of a person who is obsessed with vegetables this could be a nice option instead of using milk fats.
You can add fruit chunks to your ice cream depending on your most preferred types of fruits. The commonly used fruits in making ice cream include strawberries, raspberries and peaches. There are very many fruits that can be used in making ice cream. Fruits are full of essential vitamins and nutrients and when you use fruits in making your ice cream you supply your body with such vitamins.

Half Baked Ice Cream One of The Most Common Ice Cream in the World These Days

Any dessert out there that lacks an ice-cream topping definitely misses a lot. A good dessert must come with an ice cream on top or on the side if you like it that way. There are many ice creams out there but there is only one ‘half baked’. For the past three good years this has been the most common ice cream among many people. It’s one of the best ice flavors by Ben & Jerry’s and it’s not a surprise when we say that half baked has ruled the ice cream world since 2013.

It’s normal to get in a dilemma when deciding on the best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor to settle on because most of their products are always on point. We initially thought that the best ice creams were the ones that were available back then not until half baked came and over took them all. This is one of the most common ice creams in the whole world. It’s a brand preferred by many celebrities around the world not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional value to the body.

All ice cream lovers around the world can definitely tell you how tasty half baked is. Ben & Jerry’s never disappoint when it gets to ice cream matters and this is something every ice cream lover knows pretty well. Half baked was a new introduction into the world of ice cream as a result of a working partnership between B Corps Greyston, Ben & Jerry’s and Rhino Bakeries.
This ice cream boasts of a wonderful flavor that you’ll never find in other types of ice cream.

No wonder everyone talks about it. It came, saw and conquered the ice cream world in style something which other ice creams failed to do.

This ice cream is likely to be the fan’s best for many years to come considering the fact that it has one of the best and tastiest flavors ever found in an ice cream. Calling all ice cream lovers to take note of half baked because it’s here to stay and no other ice cream seems to be close to in-terms of competition.

Baked half comes full of some of the best flavors a tasty ice cream should have. Have you heard of the incredible story of half baked including the way it tastes? Well, if not, let’s start off with the different types of flavors first before we go ahead to tell you more about this so tasty ice cream.

Half baked is a vanilla and chocolate type of ice cream, yes I said chocolate because they are the top flavors preferred by many chocolate lovers. And the best part about this ice cream is the fact that it comes with what we commonly call fudge brownies. As if not enough, half baked is made of nice gobs full of chocolate to make you go for another one. This is why one is never enough the moment you grab the first one.

There you have it folks it’s the secret behind the wonderful taste of half baked and probably that’s the reason why this ice cream has led the pack for the last three good years. Again it’s here to stay.

Half baked ice cream
Half baked ice cream

Calling all curious ice cream lovers who would like to prepare this type of ice cream to use the following formulation.

Skim milk, Liquid sugar, Cream, sugar, water, wheat flour, alkali processed cocoa, brown sugar, butter mixed with salt and cream, egg yolk, oil made from soybean, cocoa powder, chocolate flavored liquor, extracts from vanilla, cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, carrageenan, flour which has been malted with barley , natural flavors.

Nutritional Facts about Each Serving of Half Baked

Calories 270 Calories from fat 130 Daily Value in per
Total fat amount 14g 22%
Saturated fat 8g 40%
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol fat 60g 20%
Sodium 65g 3%
Total carbohydrate 33g 11%
Dietary 1g 4%
Sugars 27g
Protein 4g

The best temperatures when it comes to storage of half baked should be -18oC.
So by now you probably know what you should go for whenever you feel like having a nice ice cream.