What is Bokeh & How to Obtain Maximum Bokeh for Food Photography

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What is Bokeh

Bokeh is one of the most popular parts of photography. The reason for its high popularity is because it makes photographs appealing like visually, which forces us to focus our attention on a focal area of an image. This word ‘Bokeh’ comes from the Japanese language which commonly means ‘blur.’

Moreover, bokeh is the quality of out of focus or the blurry part of the image which can be quickly rendered by a camera lens- it is not the blur itself or the amount of blur area in the background of a subject. The blur part that you are so used to see in a photograph which separates a question from experience is mainly the result of a ‘depth of a field’ and is commonly called as ‘background blur.’

The quality and feel of the foreground/background blur and reflected points of light, however, is what photographers call Bokeh.

Now here are some of the tips for having a maximum bokeh from your camera setup.

1) Use a large aperture

The first thing that should be to keep in mind is that a camera does not create bokeh- it is the lens and optics which are responsible for rendering out of focus areas. Moreover, the first thing that you should do is to set the aperture of the lens to its lesser value which is also known as ‘maximum aperture.’ You can do this easily by simply changing the mode of a camera to Aperture priority and set the number ‘f’ to the lowest value. Nikon D3400 is easy to use with a large aperture and best digital slr camera for beginners.

2) You have to minimize the distance between the subject and yourself.

The closer you stand to your subject, the more blur the background will get. This many of the times happen because when an object is very close, then at that time lens will focus more intimate and the depth of field will be the smallest at that time. It also works the same with our eyes as well. Lenses work exactly like in the same way, which is why subject distance plays a significant role in rendering the bokeh.

3) Endeavor to expand the separation between the background and your subject.


The bokeh will suffer if the subject which you are photographing is very close to a busy and noisy background. Always remember, that the depth of the field is not just a line after which everything is supposed to entirely out of focus- it transforms from sharp to out of focus. Moreover, to get the pleasant looking bokeh, you should try to put your subject far away from the background objects.

4) Use longer focal lengths


The distance between the camera and the subject should always remain the same which increases the focal length of the lens and decreases the depth of the field. So, if you are using a zoom lens, then you should zoom into the maximum focal length, and your lens will allow separating the subject from the background even more.

5) Use a long lens

As we already know, that increases the focal length means decreasing the depth of the field so the longer your lens will be the better is the bokeh effect you will get. Sometimes, rendering of out of focus areas also depends on the topics of the lens.

6) Use a fast lens

At last, use the lens which is fast as aperture impacts the depth of the field.

Homemade Icecream Recipes at Your Kitchen

Almost everyone loves ice cream but does everyone know how to make a perfect and healthy ice cream with a good taste at home? I personally love to read any article that deals with the best way to make a nice ice cream. Whether it’s vanilla or whatever taste you want your ice cream to have there are several ways to achieve it. By the end of this article you’ll also come to realize that you actually don’t need an ice cream maker to make an ice cream at home. It’s not a necessity when you need to make a nice ice cream anyway.

The best way to make your day or night different from others is by making your own ice cream with your most preferred flavor and perfecting your recipe to make it one of the best that has ever existed in the world of ice creams. Invent the best recipe and you’ll be good to go and ready to scale greater heights in ice cream making.

Let’s take for instance how you can make a nice vanilla ice cream. For a beginner the process behind making a tasty vanilla ice cream may look challenging but with time you find yourself improving and perfecting the process. You also need to know that some of the best things in life were actually invented by mistake. Why not try yours today and see how it turns out?

When it comes to ice cream making, you are not limited on the number of ingredients to use. All that matters is your level of curiosity and creativity. If you are ready to make something new then your procedure should be creative. Use as many ingredients as you want as long as the end results give you a wonderful ice cream.

A good ice cream begins with a good base. After that you can add any flavor whether natural or artificial. Just like a journey of a thousand miles which begins with a single step, a nice homemade ice cream begins with a nice base.

Sugar is an important ingredient in your ice cream but what matters here is how sweet you want your ice cream. Sugar also helps your ice cream maintain its texture.

You can use a blender, ice cream maker or some simple ways to make a sweet homemade ice cream that will make you do it frequently when you ran out of it. And here are the tips.

Tip 1: Use a freezer bag, ice and some salt to make homemade icecream recipes

This process is a simple and easy way to make your own soft ice cream. Be careful though because you may end up being disappointed if you fail to follow the right procedure. Fill one freezer bag with a nice ice cream base and place it on another freezer bag (bigger one) which contains ice and salt. Don’t forget to shake the bags to soften every aspect of your ice cream. By doing so you shall have made a nice ice cream without using an ice cream maker.

Tip 2: Using a blender

The first thing here is to ensure that you have a nice base mixture frozen. You can then use a blender to mix and process your ice cream into a smooth and tasty treat. To get a tasteful ice cream you have to find a blender that has good power to crush the frozen ingredients. I usually use a Vitamix blender to make me easy to crush the frozen fruits like berry but some of people like to use Ninja Kitchen. You don’t need to worry about which one, because you need to realize here beside the blender, your ice cream’s base ingredients are the keys. However I recommend you to check BlenderVersus.com to find the best blenders available in the market and you could check discussion about Vitamix vs Ninja on that website for more references.

Tip 3: Condensed milk and cream + freezer

Use a blender to mix your cream into a nice condensed milk treat then put it in a freezer to form. What follows after freezing is a sweetened homemade cold treat.

Tip 4: Hand mixer and Ice

If you want to keep everything about your ice cream cold this would be the best method to use when you want to make an ice cream at home. Just place an ice cream base bowl in a bowl containing rock salt and some ice cubes. Use a hand mixer to blend your ice cream and give it the best texture.


You may need to use a tool like mixer or blender when making an ice cream at home but this would only depend on how you want your texture to be. All in all making an ice cream at home is not a complicated process as some people may think. All you need is the willingness to make your own homemade ice cream.