Half Baked Ice Cream – The Most Common Ice Cream in the World

Are you ever heard half baked ice cream ?

Any dessert out there that lacks an ice-cream topping definitely misses a lot. A good dessert must come with an ice cream on top or on the side if you like it that way. There are many ice creams out there but there is only one ‘half baked’. For the past three good years this has been the most common ice cream among many people. It’s one of the best ice flavors by Ben & Jerry’s and it’s not a surprise when we say that it has ruled the ice cream world since 2013.

It’s normal to get in a dilemma when deciding on the best Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor to settle on because most of their products are always on point. We initially thought that the best ice creams were the ones that were available back then not until half baked came and over took them all. This is one of the most common ice creams in the whole world. It’s a brand preferred by many celebrities around the world not only because of its taste but also because of its nutritional value to the body.

All ice cream lovers around the world can definitely tell you how tasty half baked is. Ben & Jerry’s never disappoint when it gets to ice cream matters and this is something every ice cream lover knows pretty well. Half baked was a new introduction into the world of ice cream as a result of a working partnership between B Corps Greyston, Ben & Jerry’s and Rhino Bakeries.
This ice cream boasts of a wonderful flavor that you’ll never find in other types of ice cream.

No wonder everyone talks about it. It came, saw and conquered the ice cream world in style something which other ice creams failed to do.

This ice cream is likely to be the fan’s best for many years to come considering the fact that it has one of the best and tastiest flavors ever found in an ice cream. Calling all ice cream lovers to take note because it’s here to stay and no other ice cream seems to be close to in-terms of competition.

Baked half comes full of some of the best flavors a tasty ice cream should have. Have you heard of the incredible story of half baked including the way it tastes? Well, if not, let’s start off with the different types of flavors first before we go ahead to tell you more about this so tasty ice cream.

Half baked is a vanilla and chocolate type of ice cream, yes I said chocolate because they are the top flavors preferred by many chocolate lovers. And the best part about this ice cream is the fact that it comes with what we commonly call fudge brownies. As if not enough, it is made of nice gobs full of chocolate to make you go for another one. This is why one is never enough the moment you grab the first one.

There you have it folks it’s the secret behind the wonderful taste of half baked and probably that’s the reason why this ice cream has led the pack for the last three good years. Again it’s here to stay.

Half baked ice cream

Calling all curious ice cream lovers who would like to prepare this type of ice cream to use the following formulation.

Skim milk, Liquid sugar, Cream, sugar, water, wheat flour, alkali processed cocoa, brown sugar, butter mixed with salt and cream, egg yolk, oil made from soybean, cocoa powder, chocolate flavored liquor, extracts from vanilla, cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, carrageenan, flour which has been malted with barley , natural flavors.

Nutritional Facts about Each Serving of Ice Cream

Calories 270 Calories from fat 130 Daily Value in per
Total fat amount 14g 22%
Saturated fat 8g 40%
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol fat 60g 20%
Sodium 65g 3%
Total carbohydrate 33g 11%
Dietary 1g 4%
Sugars 27g
Protein 4g

The best temperatures when it comes to storage should be -18oC.
So by now you probably know what you should go for whenever you feel like having a nice ice cream.

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