Questionable Myths About Ice Cream : Is Ice Cream Bad For You

Is Ice Cream Bad For You

is ice cream bad for you

When the summer arrives or the day is hot, and every day we will have more desire to take delicious ice cream, and that the case does not suit us except the good road and suddenly stands in good ice cream to taste the delicious food is an ice cream.

But as you begin to stop walking, and head for the ice cream shop, there’s thought in your head: How many will be this ten minutes fat from sweet pleasures ?, This thinking can prevent us from enjoying a whole spectacular formulation. Ice cream and the concept is full of myths, such as previous questions and others such as: Am I cutting out the cold, digestive ice cream?

Eating Ice Cream Makes You Fat?

Ice cream is a food rich in fat and sugar, so if consumed in excess, yes we can be fat, but ice cream can not be fat like other desserts such as a smoothie or other foods.

The key is eating ice cream in a moderate way, so there is no need to have implications on their body shape. As we have pointed out in other articles, ice cream is the most nutritious, healthy and nutritious food, if created using 100 % natural ingredients, we ought to not doubt the dietary qualities of frozen treats.

However, you should know that if you’re in the center of an eating plan to shed weight because the best option is to choose ice cream, which does not include fat in its composition.

Is Ice Cream Contain Colesterol?

The presence of cholesterol in the milkshake base is not too high, such as milk, a high portion of cholesterol in a simple milkshake. On the other hand, skim dairy-based ice cream or water does not contain cholesterol, and therefore, we have no reason not to take delicious ice cream from time to time.

Ice Cream Just A Frozen Treat, No Nutrition in it?

Ice cream has many nutritional benefits. And the nutritional value of the craftsmen ice cream is very high (except water-based ice cream), and is a great way to swallow vitamin B2, calcium, and protein especially recommended for children and the elderly.

Ice cream is a treat that should not be considered like a diet that’s undernourished and in fat, and frozen treats is really a balanced product and provide some essential calcium. Even though this depends upon the kind of frozen treats, it truly varies, as the nutrients imply that the typical is 100 gr. One ice cream contains about 250 kcal; this amount is the same as under 15% of calories you’ll need every single day.

Eating Ice Cream Can Make Your Throat Sore?

This idea runs from mouth to ear, not for a short time, but forever. The fact is that on the contrary, the cold cream helps to relieve the possibility of inflammation in the mouth or throat because you know the tonsils are operated, after surgery, you are advised to start suckling with a small amount of ice cream.

Ice Cream Can Slow Digestion?

That’s right, but only if you take a lot and quickly ice. To avoid it, you just need to take the ice cream slowly, so it warms the frozen before reaching the stomach.

Ice Cream = Brain-Freeze = Headache?

Eating ice cream can sometimes cause headaches, but this only happens to certain people, who are very sensitive to colds, they are encouraged to have a ganglion behind the palate, and this might just cause a similar reaction to migraines. But, yes, very limited because it lasts a few minutes and no further effect.

Eating Ice Cream Makes You Full?

It all depends on the ice cream and dairy products that can be removed, but the water does not produce anything but add hunger. This is just because the cold stimulates the appetite, and on the other hand, sugar causes insulin segregation, causing us to feel hungry than before eating ice cream (water-based).

Can Diabetic Eat Ice Cream?

It depends on each patient, depending on carbohydrate consumption to be done. Many diabetics make moderate carbohydrate intake, and in this case, ice contributes better if done through simple carbohydrates.

Of course, basically, when you want to take a good ice cream, ice cream rule is that it should be simple. In general, the simplest version of food is foods that contain fewer additives. For example, if you like to buy ice cream, vanilla ice cream will have fewer additives that also vanilla (for example) contain other ingredients or food colors.

Undoubtedly, the best option is to make your own ice cream with healthy ingredients, and with the smallest help from home. If we remember in our own home when we were little, making ice cream at home is a summer opening. We can restore this tradition, and surely we realize that we make ice cream at home know better. It’s true it takes time and planning. It would not be something done every day, but worth it.

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